10 Content Marketing Trends

Everyone Is Talking about in 2022

Marketing trends and algorithms have changed enormously in past years and keep on updating according to public policies & technological advancements. Although, If we were to hop upon each of them, we would feel woozy for sure, there are some trends we cannot ignore. With SEO being the queen of online marketing, Content seems to be the king.

As the number of mobile users has increased exponentially in the past years, the amount of reading time on mobile phones has reached its peak making content marketing a gateway drug to success. Yet, this keeps on driving to a dark edge which we explain further. Let’s dive in:

Here are ten content marketing trends that everyone is talking about:

Brands Investment in Original Content: Recently, Huge brands are investing in original content to take on the heating space of video streaming. Apple, Netflix, and Amazon are all focusing on filling the gaps in entertainment by providing the best stories. Thus, Content marketing has become the major spotlight in the era of Covid19.

Transparency: Brand advertisements claim to provide a blind result in the eye of the audience. Although, Only some companies become successful in term of it while a lot of them are perceived as dishonest ventures. To overcome this, brands must focus on properly disclosing their relevant product and services to build certainty among the audience. This can only be achieved through a curated piece of blogs and articles supported by content marketing.

Budget Soon To Increase: With immense Popularity, A tremendous amount of spending has been transferred to content marketers. To compensate for this, Brands are hiring freelance content writers who can write creative content at a low cost.

Overlapping Duties: Due to changing roles and duty shifts within marketing departments, It’s difficult to determine who is in charge of specific content. PR team may have a separate content writer similar to the SEO team. This generally leads to a matter of chaos within an organization.

Commencement of IoT: Not only a mobile phone or laptop is your digital doorway to fetch content. Several different content formats have also interlaced our lives in innovative ways. Siri and Alexa respond with voice commands to share digital content making them the right place to invest more.

Video Marketing: As per a survey, More marketers are diluted towards the edge of video content creation in which live videos are on the winning side. It has been overseen that individuals are more into watching and interacting with live videos through comments & likes over traditional blogs and pre-recorded documentaries. This provides a clear indication to focus on this specific mainstream before your competition does.

Changing Approach: The lines between the owned, earned and paid media has changed over a buyer’s mind. Now, these are works simultaneously in the growth journey of an organization. This directly expands the importance of developing the content, deploy at the right place and promote it by adjusting costs for maximum efficiency and ROI.

Growth Strategy: Years from now, Content is only seen as a piece of words, but now the meaning has changed. Every year, documented content marketing strategies are rising among different ventures, substantially raising job expectations among content creators.

Visual Content: VR extends new opportunities for content marketers to gain customer engagement. For example, Shopify has developed a VR-based solution that allows clothing customization straight from your home sofa. Although these are still expanding their width, we can expect innovations in somewhat future soon.

Dawn Of Distribution: With various approaches and methods in mind, Companies still need to be made aware of the meaning behind all this effort. The only statement that rules above all is the dawn of distribution. As you know, capturing the eye of an individual user is the endgame.

Smart companies are following more than just the approach of acquiring content only but their distribution on multi-channels.
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