16 Statistics that Prove

Local SEO Matters

Local SEO is rapidly becoming the next big boom method to grow your business online. Like regular SEO, Local Search Engine Optimization is the practice of optimizing your web presence in the proximity of local geography. As per the pigeon update of 2014, The digital landscape has changed now, and results are based on providing users with immediate proximity in terms of products and services.

Since then, Small Businesses are, without hesitation to invest in local SEO strategies and have made it an integral part of their marketing efforts. Although they should be done right, they can generate high-converting leads and local organic traffic with it. This article will explore the 16 stats that outlines the importance of local SEO. Let’s dive in:
  • More than 46% of Google Search shows local intent.
  • 97% of search engine users googled out to find a local business.
  • More than 86% of users around the world rely on the digital world to find a local business.
  • 30% of mobile searches show intent towards local businesses.
  • 72% of users end up visiting a store in a 5-mile radius based on their local search activity.
  • More than 50% of users end up doing a store visit followed by searches that include “near me.”
  • 72% of users say “search” is the first way to find information on local merchants, including reviews, products, services & more.
  • In the last year, 2021, more than 1.5 billion people were visiting store locations, followed by their search every month.
  • A single purchase follows a search ratio of 28% of the whole marketing.
  • 78% of local searches on mobile results in an in-store purchase.
  • 24.4 % of all searches, including go to the first result of the local business search.
  • Near-me mobile searches increased by over 136% last year.
  • 62% of customers will nullify their purchasing decision if they can’t find business online
  • More than 88% of people look for online reviews before buying anything locally.
  • 86% of users utilize Google Maps to find business locations.
  • 56% of businesses yet have not claimed any google my business profile.

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Investing your money into curating a local SEO strategy can help you drive heavy leads to your local business and build credibility in your area. Local SEO is not a trend that will stay and go away, it’s a need and will be growing towards a new digital world as Google is spending billions of dollars in making their Google my business platform more efficient.
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