PPC Campaigns For Local Contractors

How to Setup in 10 minutes

As a local contractor, you have invested a substantial part of your investment in advertising. Sometimes in terms of magazines, newspapers, or any other traditional method, these are a great way to reach clients and generate more leads.

The only drawback? You are reaching out to a minimal set of audiences with no control over demographics, just a conspicuous marketing style. Sometimes it’s too depressing to see running down on countless dollars and getting no ROI.

Although, The marketing standard for local contractors has changed immensely and has seen a unique picture in the last few years. With the more usage of mobile phones, desktops, and laptops around, Internet searches are grown drastically at a rate of 50x as to the previously recorded data, which means the website that ranks on top will see better results.

Digital marketing has become a doorway for almost all types of local contractors to achieve such results. However, SEO is an ongoing process and needs time to showcase results. So What If the Contractor has no patience? What If he wants to target a very small or large area? Well, The Pay Per Click advertising is right for you.

What Is Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay Per Click ads is a well-established online marketing strategy that allows you to get ranked instantly on social media channels (For example, FacebookInstagramYoutube, and Linkedin ) and search engines (For example, GoogleBing, and Yahoo) by paying an advertising fee. Unlike SEO, it is not an optimization process, and metrics depend on the landing page, cost per click, the made-up ads, and the budget spent on the campaign. The user just puts up the keyword, and your website will eventually run on the top of the search engine.

Every click made on your advertisement will cost you according to the competition and search volume for that particular keyword. If it’s highly competitive, you must spend more to make it at the top of the competition. Although, PPC advertisements enable you to choose a specific monthly budget according to your requirements and can be shut down at any time. The best part: you can select whoever can see your ads. You can choose their location, age, interest, and many more metrics as a part of ad management.

How to Setup PPC Campaign in 15 minutes

Google Ads are one of the fastest ways to reach out to prospects. Basic account setup takes no time and gives you positive ROI asap. So if you are ready, get your stopwatch to start now. 

Step1: Login to your Google ad account and choose your advertising goal.

Step 2: Click on create a campaign without goal guidance, as it will provide you with the complete functionality and flexibility to make easy changes in your campaign.

Step 3: Now, Select the type of campaign you want to launch. Search campaigns work effectively for a local business as they allow you to select keywords that you want to target for your particular business needs.

Step 4: Name your Campaign and select networks for which you want to push the ads.

Step 5: Choose the location where you want your advert to be shown; you can also exclude several locations where you see no potential for the market to get in. In advance tabs, you can also choose the date and times you want your campaigns to run. Also, Choose languages that you think your customer understands. However, English will be selected as the default. In the Audience tab, you can choose the type of audience. It could be any affinity, market, or audience with some kind of industry. Simply put, it’s the type of user with a definite interest in a specific service, product, or category.

Use Ad extensions to get a better click-through rate, as these extensions help to stand out from your competitors by adding a set of extra elements with your ads, including a button for calls, links for relevant site pages & much more.

Step 6: Name your ad group, and set your default bid value for the keywords. Substianntly, Add the list of keywords on which you want your ads to appear.
Pro Tip: Use Tools like Google Keyword PlannerUbersuggestAherfs, and Google Trends to create a curated list of keywords.

Step 7: Now Finally, Create ads by putting the headline text, landing page URL where you want your customers to light, and the description of the advert that can grab the attention of your users. You can see the strength of your advert into the right side to ensure that your ad campaign is ready to launch and collect some leads.

Step 8: Once done, Click Save and Continue. Enter your card billing details, and your campaigns will be launched in no time. With that being said, can we teach you in under 15 minutes?

As sure as it sounds, PPC has uncertainty that needs continuous attention, professional support and far more technical knowledge/and experience that can give you the maximum return on investment on your spend.

That’s where we come in; step2web is here to get your PPC ads done at a minimal fee and maximum efficiency. We are a small business advertising firm that brings customers to contractors by creating successful online advertising and marketing campaigns on Google Ads, Meta, Bing, and many other platforms as specified by the clients. We help you in optimization to generate more revenue for every ad you place and help you in tracking all the advertisement leads within your website.

Negative Keywords:

We will optimize a list of negative keywords each week to add phrases and words that neither resemble your business identity nor are relevant to your services.

Ads Designed to Attract Profitable Customers:

We only create ads campaign that specifies the specialty of a contractor. These types of marketing strategies eventually help you find the jobs that are most profitable to your company.

Schedule Only when They Make Money:

We emphasize on running campaigns at the time when the contractor is available to take the call or see the message swiftly. This will eventually save your leads from moving onto another industry specialist.

Remove Ads From Places they're wasting money:

We understand the search results, keywords, and their intent and place your ads only in the places where the customer is closely bound to your industry.

Pay Per Click Marketing Service At Step2web

Whether you want to target Google Ads, Google Adwords for video advertising, create multiple landing pages, or any other search engine, Our lead generation experts are here to create a successful ad campaign that brings the right traffic to your social media and website, which converts into a lead eventually. Call now for a free consultation.